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Watch YG Scrolling Through Some Embarrassing Tweets

Some things should never have been said—or in YG’s case, tweeted.

The outspoken rapper, whose beef with 6ix9ine over each of their music success from March resuscitated on Wednesday, stopped by the Music Choice studio and relived some of his bold tweets.

While it’s impossible to go through all of his 36K tweets that trace back to 2009, YG, who has over 3.1 million followers on Twitter, revived some of his old posts that he still stands his ground on, and retracted some crazy, random thoughts that his thumbs couldn’t hold back. He mentioned his three-year-old daughter Harmony behind the reasoning of why he’s deleting some of his past antics.

The Compton rapper released his third album Stay Dangerous last Friday.

Watch which tweets stayed, and which tweets had to go.

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