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Watch: Trey Songz Talks Black Lives Matter, Fatherhood, and More

Trey Songz
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R&B legend Trey Songz has a lot on his mind.

Songz called up Music Choice from quarantine to share a myriad of thoughts. For nearly 20 minutes the singer-songwriter spoke on the current state of America, fatherhood, and how he’s been weathering being stuck at home.

“This is really happening all the time,” Songz said about racism and police brutality directed towards black people in America. He told Music Choice producer Ron Bosch that the rest of the country is waking up to this harsh reality as everything has been paused because of COVID-19.

He also spoke on his timely and poignant new song “How Many Times” saying it was not easy to make, but the words flowed through him. He felt sad, confused, and hurt and needed to create a piece of music for now.

Watch the full, enlightening conversation below and also head to the Music Choice webplayer for more Trey Songz content.

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