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Travis Denning Talks New EP ‘Beer’s Better Cold’


Travis Denning
Image provided by artist

Travis Denning has been spending quarantine at his girlfriend’s parent’s home and as long as the brews stay below room temperature, things are going to be A-OK. The “David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs” singer is releasing his debut EP Beer’s Better Cold today (5/15 via Mercury Nashville) after years of writing for others in Nashville and a string of his own hits. The fresh EP encapsulates everything fans have been drawn to from Denning over the past two years. The tracks cover good times and bad in everything from parties to love. The six songs will have you wanting even more!

Travis was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to email some answers to questions Music Choice had about what he’s been getting up to during quarantine and also a few about that new EP.

While checking out the interview below make sure to tune into Music Choice’s Pop & Country channel where there will be a Beer’s Better Cold album premiere takeover all weekend long! Hear the new tracks and check out Travis facts tied to the new record.

Travis Denning
Image provided by artist

Music Choice: Which song on the EP best encapsulates you as an artist?
Travis Denning: “Beer’s Better Cold”

MC: Which song was the most difficult to complete?
TD: “After A Few.” We dug in pretty hard to make sure every line of the song felt perfect.

MC: How cold does a beer have to be for you? We talking ice cold from a cooler or is a can from the fridge going to cut it?
TD: I’ll drink pretty much anything lower than room temperature.

MC: Besides music what other things are you doing to pass the time right now?
TD: I’ve been making it a point to work out and also perfecting the margarita.

MC: You posted a photo of yourself on an ATV. Have you been whipping that thing around?
TD: I tried to, but it was the 8-year-old neighbor’s pink four-wheeler and it didn’t necessarily fit the brand, unfortunately.

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*Watches Tiger King for the third time*

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MC: Any new hobbies or skills you’ve been working at?
TD: Some woodworking. I built a drink table to take on the road with us when we go back out.

MC: Have you been watching anything fun on TV?
TD: I watched the quarantine essential Tiger King.

MC: What’s your go-to karaoke song?
TD: “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” by Trace Adkins

MC: Lastly, any message for your fans?
TD: I miss y’all more than you know.


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