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Next Town Down
Photo provided by artist

It’s not easy proclaiming yourselves the “next great R&B group,” especially during a pandemic. The five guys that make up the rising, LA-based Next Town Down (RCA Records) are getting down to business even if they aren’t together in the studio every day though. Whether that’s texting or video chatting or whatever kind of communication they are staying busy and staying creative.

Scattered throughout the country staying with family and still chilling in Cali, the guys called up Music Choice recently to chat about their new normal. After everyone got on the call and internet connection issues were conquered the group talked about everything from missing the basketball court to how they’re coming up with new ways to stay creative in these uncertain times.

Oh, and a little about a new project that’s going to blow some minds.

Read the interview below and hear Next Town Down on Music Choice’s Hip-Hop and R&B channel now!

Next Town Down is:
Leon Outlaw Jr
Malik Knighten
Terence Thomas
Tre’Von Waters
Chris Louis

Music Choice: How’s everyone been handling our new normal?
Terrence: It’s cool man. The weather is nice in California and you can get out and hike. Other than that it is what it is. We’re all just in the crib making music.

MC: So you guys have been able to connect to write and record during quarantine?
Terrence: Definitely. We all have our own individual setups. We aren’t together but we have the equipment and have been staying creative.

MC: Do you guys talk every day? Or are you enjoying some time apart?
Leon: We don’t Facetime every day but we try and connect each day somehow.
Malik: Your volume is way low bro. I think he’s using that dial-up.
Tre’Von: He’s right we’re always checking up on each other. I’m actually driving back to LA soon after being back home with my family. I’m very excited to get back!
MC: Your parents are ready for you to go?!
Chris: Time for you’re a** to go!

MC: You guys are making time to write and record but how else are you passing the time? I know Terence is a serious cook.
Terence: I’ve been getting in my cooking bag. I made vegan tacos the other night out of pecans. I’ve been challenging myself. We are actually working on a big project and getting ready to shoot some stuff. We don’t have a release date but we communicate about it every day. Our minds are being challenged on how to create content and shoot videos while quarantined.


MC: Is there a name for the project or can you give me any other hot news?
Terrence: Can’t tell you what the name is right now but I can tell you it’s going to be worth the wait. It’s going to shock and surprise some people.

MC: What have been some of the biggest hurdles with having to come up with creative ways to make new content in the group’s current situation? Besides bad wifi.
Chris: I feel like a lot of it has to do with every artist out there in the same position so we have to figure out how to be innovative. Everyone is sitting there and rapping at the computer so how can we be unique? We need something fans will keep coming back for. So, we’re finding our lane.
Terrence: We work as a team, the five of us, and everyone else around us. It’s hard trying to create and everyone around because we take the current situation seriously and practice our social distancing.

MC: You guys have done live performances during all of this, besides it being difficult and maybe a little weird, do you have fun with it too?
Chris: It’s always fun. Whenever we can sing, that’s all we ask for really. We want to stand out.

MC: Have you guys found that you’re interacting more with fans on social media since you’re not out doing shows and seeing fans face to face?
Leon: The fans are screaming every day for us to do stuff! They want us to post anything we’ve got. So it’s a great time to get on and interact and make sure everyone stays connected with us.

MC: Have any fans asked for something wild?
Malik: I got asked to prom. Someone made a poster that said, “Malik will you go to prom with me?”
MC: Are you still mulling it over?
Malik: Exactly.


MC: What do you guys miss doing the most from our pre-quarantine lives?
Chris: Honestly, working out. The active side of things. I can’t get to the court besides playing NBA 2K.
MC: You’re getting that thumb workout.
Tre’Von: Just being around friends. I get inspired by actually being around a group of artists.
Terrence: I miss the luxury of going to a bar and ordering a drink. To actually sit there and drink it.
Chris: I miss the gym, friends, and yes, having an alcoholic beverage at a bar.

MC: Lastly, do you guys have a message for any fans reading this?
Chris: They should be expecting some cool things coming from us even though we’re in the house. It’s a new chapter. This is the most excited I’ve been about anything we’ve made so far. We’re pushing ourselves.
Malik: I know it’s an interesting time and people have felt discouraged but everyone should stay inspired and practice social distancing.
Terrence: Everyone should take a minute to go outside and breathe. Get out of the crib and get your spirit right. Let this be a fresh start.

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