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Hear It First

Each week Music Choice’s brilliant programmers add insanely hot tracks to our litany of channels that need a spot in your quarantine time playlists! In case you don’t have the chance to peruse each one, here are a few of the biggest bangers that were placed in rotation this week. From a rapping Detroit wildman to New Zealand bubblegum punkers, there’s something for everyone in here. Also, get an update on how some of the artists are spending their time during the pandemic. Make sure to head to Music Choice online or in your TV’s guide to get all this music goodness and more!



The Beths- “Dying To Believe” (Carpark)
New Zealand’s The Beths are gearing up to release new album Jump Rope Gazers on July 10 and the first track is pure bubblegum-punk delight. “Dying To Believe” is all sticky, sweet hooks and driving drums. It’s going to be a perfect summer slammer, even if we’re still looking at the season from the living room windows. You can hear “Dying To Believe” on Music Choice’s Alternative channel now.



Sada Baby- “Aktivated” (Asylum) IG
Detroit rapper Sada Baby is pure personality. His voice is a distinct yelp/growl and with his trademark red dreads and bushy beard, the man could be seen as a cartoon character come to life. Thankfully he can also rap circles around basically anyone right now. His new track “Aktivated” swings from gratuitous sex talk, to serious boasting, to “Scuba Steve” references. It’s kinda weird and it definitely bangs. Hear it now on MC’s Hip-Hop and R&B channel.

Sada Baby also recently asked his fans online to help him name his debut album because he wasn’t happy with what he originally decided.

J Alvarez
J Alvarez- “Soy Malo” (On Top of the World Music)
Puerto Rican Reggaeton singer J Alvarez is a bad boy, but it’s not his fault! On the new single “Soy Malo” Alvarez has been wronged by too many lovers and it’s turned him into what he views as the same kind of monster. Over a pulsating Reggaeton beat the singer gets to show off his come-hither voice as things heat up. You can hear “Soy Malo” now on MC’s Musica Urbana channel.



Jac Ross- “Questions” (Island)
Jac Ross has some inquiries. The soulful singer’s “Questions” takes aim at injustice in our world over a mid-tempo thump as a background of voices come together to aid him in his pleas. The powerful cut can be heard on Music Choice’s ALT R&B channel.

Jac Ross went live online for all his fans earlier this month from the comfort of his own home!



Phoebe Bridgers- “Kyoto” (Dead Oceans)
Phoebe Bridgers ratchets her sound up on the fresh track “Kyoto.” The ascendant singer-songwriter’s usual sparse arrangements get fleshed out with a full band here even including some horns. Fret not fans of her debut album, Bridgers’ emotion and intellect still shine the brightest. Hear “Kyoto” now on Music Choice’s Indie channel.

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