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Each week Music Choice’s brilliant programmers add insanely hot tracks to our litany of channels. In case you don’t have the chance to peruse each one, here are a few of the biggest bangers that were placed in rotation this week. From surefire summer pop hits to a world-beating Latin duo there’s something for everyone in here. Make sure to head to Music Choice online or in your TV’s guide to get all this music goodness and more!

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Tori Kelly- “Sorry Would Go A Long Way” (Capitol)
No rest for Tori Kelly! After taking home two Grammys in 2018 the songwriter is back with a new album (Inspired By True Events) and its second single “Sorry Would Go A Long Way.” The track is Kelly laying down a bed of acoustic guitar to showcase her truly jaw-dropping, soulful vocals as she sings about the dissolution of a relationship. It’s heavy stuff and you can hear it now on our Pop channel!

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Penelope- “Another Day” (Vfiles)
Singer-songwriter Penelope is aiming for that top spot on your summer soundtrack. “Another Day” is a sweet slice of acoustic pop with a sticky chorus that will be embedded in your brain. Look out for the jam on our Pop and Alternative channels!

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Yung Bleu- “Elevatorz” (Columbia)
Yung Bleu going all the way up, baby! You can hear the Mobile, AL rapper’s new single “Elevatorz” now on our Hip-Hop channels. The sing-song rapper connects with kindred spirit PnB Rock in this ode to treating a few lucky ladies to an evening of opulence. Tune in and check it out!

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Henry Chadwick- “Awake” (Swoon City Music)
Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA Henry Chadwick’s got a heater that is summer-ready. “Awake” gives off a shimmering alt-rock vibe that would have sit pleasantly on mid-90s college radio. Well, it also sounds pretty dang good in 2019. Find the song on our Alternative channel!

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Friendly Fires- “Silhouettes” (Casablanca)
Dance-rockers Friendly Fires are back with their first album in eight years. The British trio’s first piece of the upcoming Inflorescent is “Silhouettes.” The song is appropriately getting burn on our Dance channel because this thing will get you moving with its Latin-inspired disco feel. Get movin’!

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J Balvin & Bad Bunny“QUE PRETENDES” (Universal Music Latin)
J Balvin and Bad Bunny have been dominating Latin-pop as solo acts for the past few years, but together? There might not be anyone to stop the juggernauts. The duo sneak-released a new album Oasis right at the end of June and its first single “QUE PRETENDES” is all over our Latin channels. Be on the lookout for the pair’s incredible chemistry

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