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Must Listen: Shaylen’s ‘Highs and Lows’ EP is Out Now!

Here at Music Choice we’ve been all about Shaylen in 2019. From her eye-popping visuals to her addictive singles and wonderful social media, we’re in. So Friday, 8/2, was a HUGE day because she graced us with a brand new EP on Republic Records! Highs and Lows can be streamed right now and… it’s got bangers!

shaylenWhile jamming Highs and Lows get the full Shaylen experience by checking out the Primed episode she shot with us right here. Definitely peruse and read the site we dedicated to her earlier this year as well. For sure scroll down and memorize some fun facts you probably didn’t know about her. Then, of course, watch out for her vids and songs on all the Music Choice platforms!

shaylenDID YOU KNOW?!

  • Shaylen was in a production of Guys and Dolls as a kid. She loved getting to use a “New York accent.”
  • Her favorite musical is Wicked.
  • She played a character named “Shaylen Carlson” on The Wannabes on Starz.
  • She’s been writing for K-pop megastars like EXO and Taeyeon.
  • Legendary pop producer Jonas Jeberg produced “Own Way” from Highs and Lows.
  • She “freaks out” when her birthday is coming up because she doesn’t want to get older!
  • Shaylen thinks “not ever girl needs a prince charming” and that “they can be their own!”


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