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Music Choice Talked With Rich the Kid and More at the Billboard Hot 100

Music Choice Talked With Rich the Kid and More at the Billboard Hot 100

Music Choice hit the beach with Billboard recently as the chart giant hosted its annual Hot 100 Festival at Jones Beach in New York. Huge names like Halsey and Future headlined the celebration, but MC was there to chat with some super hot new up-and-comers like Rich the Kid and Loote. We got deep with the artists about a whole range of topics including their influences, big music festivals, and whatever else they were feeling like letting out. Below you’ll find four of our favorite artists from the weekend with more video interviews coming each day this week on our website.


NYC pop duo Loote came to hang with Music Choice and revealed the biggest inspiration behind their new EP, Single. The group’s “personal lives” drove the creative process. They discussed the anxieties of being in relationships and the pressure of growing up as big facets of their writing. They also chatted about how being in LA during 2017 Grammy week left them “horrified and intrigued”!



Lovelytheband hails from Los Angeles and makes wonderful indie pop. The boys were happy to be at the Hot 100 but the NYC summer was a bit hot and humid for them. The trio spoke on their single “These Are My Friends” and how it’s about embracing those good parts of yourself. The track also tackles how you should lean on those in your life who “pull the beauty out of you.”



Don’t think Norwegian DJ Matoma is just wearing a Notorious B.I.G. shirt to be fashionable. The producer is a lifelong fan. He popped by the Music Choice digs to talk about how Biggie’s output is timeless and his flow flawless. As a youth he didn’t know about any East Coast vs. West Coast beef, he just knew he loved the hip-hop coming from America.


Rich the Kid

Rich the Kid is not only one of Atlanta’s hottest rappers, he’s also CEO of his own company, Rich Forever Music. The young mogul was jacked to be out at the Hot 100 because the fans had a “great energy and vibe.” He also let slip that he’s finishing up a new album that could be out within two months. His debut just came out in March. The man works hard!

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