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Frequently Asked Questions

Music Choice™ Music Channels

Why is there no artist image displayed for certain artists?

Generally, if there are no images being displayed for a particular artist we were unable to locate a usable picture of the artist. This is more common on channels that do not play current music. Please note, deceased and living artists that have not released a single or album recently or are not actively promoting their music, also may not have photos displayed due to our inability to locate a usable artist image.

Where is the music information on the screen coming from?

Music Choice has an editorial staff that researches, fact checks and writes the content.

How do I let you know that the information on the screen is incorrect?

Please visit our “Help” section on to tell us about the mistake you found.

How come the music information on the screen doesn’t always match with the artist whose song is being played?

In addition to providing factoids on the artists and songs that are currently being played, we also provide information that is related to the music being played on a channel.

Why is there an advertisement on the screen?

The panel on the screen enables us to advertise without any audio interruptions; it can also feature information about the programming and consumer promotions that we offer.

Who selects the music for the Music Choice music (audio) channels?

Music Choice has a staff of professional music programmers who select the music for the channels.

How is the music selected for the Music Choice music (audio) channels?

The Music Choice programmers select the music based on current charts, music trends, sales, what they feel is up and coming and hot in the industry and feedback from our viewers.

Are the channels on Music Choice censored?

Currently, the following channels on the Music Choice service have a TV-MA rating or higher and therefore may contain objectionable content: Rap, Metal, Alternative, Classic Alternative, Adult Alternative.

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