Music Choice Notice of Collection of Personal Information

This is the place where Music Choice tells you what types of personal information we may collect from you as a consumer through your interaction with our website, mobile and television applications, features, and subscriptions affiliated with the products/services provided by Music Choice (“Products”), and how we use this information. Your use of the Products means you consent to this collection and use in accordance with this notice and Music Choice’s privacy policy.  For additional information, please see Music Choice’s full privacy policy at


The categories of personal information we may collect from you, and the business/commercial purposes for which Music Choice uses this information, depends on which Music Choice Products you use and how you interact with them.


The categories of personal information we may collect* from you are:    

  • Identification information such as your Real Name or Display/User name, your Date of Birth, your photo or image, your gender
  • Contact information (Email Address; City, State and/or Zip code, or in some cases, full address and/or telephone number such as for voluntary entry into a sweepstakes or a request for support)
  • Social Media Provider User ID and other associated information (the ID you use to log into or use certain social networking websites, plug-ins and applications, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and information associated with that ID such as name, username, email address, profile picture, gender)
  • IP Address (a number that lets computers attached to the Internet know where to send you data – such as the webpages you view) by consumer device, and associated location information
  • Unique device identifiers such as a Set-top box, Android phone, iPhone, iPad, etc., and/or identification number or name unique to your device or account (e.g., a profile ID) when you interact with the Products using, for example, a mobile device such as a cell phone, iPad, or a set-top digital box
  • Consumer views of Music Choice content (this includes information we gather about the features you use, the web pages and channels you visit, and the search terms you enter)

*Also, depending on how you interact with the Products, we may have access to (we don’t directly collect from you unless you or your MVPD Provider provide) the identity of your MVPD Provider and/or such MVPD’s User Account information for you such as an Account ID or User ID (an MVPD provider is your cable TV or telco TV/video programming provider such as Comcast, Charter, Verizon FiOS, etc.)


The business purposes for which Music Choice may use the above-listed categories of personal information are:

  • To provide you with the Music Choice services (including personalized services and/or certain subscription services you may have elected to purchase through your video programming provider)
  • To enable Music Choice’s profile feature enabling recommendations and access to certain personalized content and other features/functions allowing posting or submission of content
  • To enable us to answer your feedback, questions or requests for support;
  • To enable Music Choice to send marketing, promotional and other messages to you (Please note you can opt-out of receiving promotional messages from us by following the opt-out instructions provided in such message)
  • To contact you if you win a sweepstakes or giveaway to fulfill the terms of that promotion (for example, this means that we may share the information for prize fulfillment purposes with mail carriers)
  • With your consent, to permit sweepstakes/giveaway or other promotional partners to contact you with marketing messages
  • To verify your identity for purposes of complying with a Request to Know/Request to Delete personal information from you in accordance with applicable state laws
  • To help us understand the activity on, and to monitor/improve our Products
  • For advertising purposes so we may place and serve advertisements from various advertisers and via various advertising platforms on the Products and other websites (including social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter)
  • To report viewing to our content providers and to video programming distributors (such as your cable or telco TV provider); to the extent such viewing is reported only on an aggregated and anonymized basis, such reporting is not a disclosure of consumer personal information
  • To verify your e-mail address, mobile phone number, or device as part of the Music Choice services (for example, an adult setting up a profile for a child will be contacted for consent purposes pursuant to the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act aka COPPA)
  • To use social media account information to personalize your experience on our website and on the third-party social networking websites, plug-ins and applications, and/or engage with our content on or through such third-party social networking websites, plug-ins and applications,
  • To tailor your experience on the Products and/or otherwise customizing what you see in the Products or the Music Choice services
  • To save your user ID or other personal information so that you don’t need to re-enter it every time you visit or interact with the Products
  • To notify you about a material change to Music Choice’s Privacy Policy or the Music Choice Terms of Use, if necessary
  • To otherwise administer the Products or your interaction with the Music Choice services
  • To create marketing analyses and reports showing how Music Choice users, as collective groups, interact with our services, and develop reports that help us and other strategic third parties determine what interests Music Choice users, as a group (such reports will not contain any personal information about you)

Music Choice Notice of Right to Opt-Out of Sale of Personal Information

As a consumer, you have the right to direct Music Choice to stop selling your personal information and to not sell your personal information in the future.  In accordance with applicable law, “sell” includes sharing your personal information with certain third parties as outlined in our privacy policy.

To exercise your Right to Opt-Out of Sale of Personal Information:

  1. Check the box next to “Don’t Sell My Personal Information”, in your Profile settings, or at; if the box is not checked, then your personal information may be shared/sold;


  1. Send an email to Music Choice at [email protected]

*You can change your mind at any time by returning to this screen, your Profile settings, or at and checking or unchecking the box next to “Don’t Sell my Personal Information”, or you can send an email as noted in 2. directly above.

The third parties with whom Music Choice may share/sell your personal information depends on the Music Choice Products you use. For additional information, please see Music Choice’s full privacy policy at


*If you are a user 13 to under 16, you are automatically defaulted to “Don’t Sell My Personal Information”, but you may change it to permit sale of your Personal Information.  If you are a user younger than 13, Music Choice does not sell your Personal Information; accordingly, you or your parent/guardian cannot change your settings from “Don’t Sell My Personal Information”.


 Effective Date:  October 26, 2021