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Music Choice Karaoke

Your Go-To Song Is Just A Click Away

With Music Choice Karaoke the whole family can put on a show! Choose from a variety of hits and curated playlists that are refreshed and updated monthly.

Whatever your genre or style, Music Choice Karaoke will have a track just for you! Let your inner STAR out.

Music Choice Karaoke

What is Music Choice Karaoke?

Music Choice Karaoke is a Subscription Video On Demand service available through your TV provider that gives you access to a vast library of songs featuring hits of today and yesterday’s classics. Follow along onscreen to the lyrics of your favorite tracks and belt out the tunes. It’s karaoke without leaving the comforts of your own abode!

How do I subscribe to Music Choice Karaoke?

Subscribe to Music Choice Karaoke through your TV provider’s On Demand menu.

Music Choice Karaoke is currently available on: Comcast Xfinity, Cox Contour, and Cincinnati Bell.

How do I access Music Choice Karaoke with my voice remote?

If you are Comcast or Cox Contour customer, you can now access our amazing library of music using only your voice. Just say “Music Choice Karaoke” into your voice remote to sing along to hundreds of your favorite songs.

How much does Music Choice Karaoke cost?

$6.99 per month.

Is Music Choice Karaoke available on all devices?

Currently, Music Choice Karaoke is available as a Subscription Video On Demand service through your TV provider. Coming soon: Music Choice Karaoke will be available through Music Choice’s mobile and TV Apps.

Does Music Choice Karaoke come with a microphone?

No, we do not provide any additional accessories with your subscription.

Is Music Choice Karaoke safe for kids?

There are family-friendly options like nursery rhymes, popular kids songs and original cast versions of classic Disney songs. Adult supervision is encouraged.

What is Guitar Karaoke?

All the fun of Music Choice Karaoke while also becoming a better guitar player! Learn how to play your favorite tunes by following the tabs onscreen.

What is Lightning Round Karaoke?

Lightning Round is a fun 2-4 person karaoke game where everyone wins! Sing for 30 seconds while others try and guess the song. Then pass the mic to the next person and let the fun continue!

How do I unsubscribe from Music Choice Karaoke?

To unsubscribe, use your remote and follow the menu on your tv to remove the Music Choice Karaoke service or you can call your TV Provider’s toll-free number.


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