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Frequently Asked Questions

TV Providers

How do I log in to the Music Choice web app and mobile app?

You can log in to and the Music Choice Mobile apps using the username and password assigned to you by your TV Provider.  First select your TV provider from the list shown, then enter your username and password on the next screen.

If you do not know your TV Provider credentials, please contact their support staff for assistance.

Why doesn’t Music Choice offer a subscription?

Music Choice’s service is only available through your TV provider.

Mobile Device

How do I get access to Music Choice on my mobile phone?

Check out for more info or download the music choice app here. The Music Choice mobile app is available free on Android and iOS.

What Music Choice content is available on mobile phones?

You’ll have access to all 50 uninterrupted music channels that you know and love! Plus, 25 extra music channels and 25 streaming video channels only available online and the Music Choice app. On-demand access to watch the hottest videos from your favorite artists including, Drake, Selena Gomez, and Luke Bryan.

How do I log in to the Mobile app using a Music Choice account?

When asked on the login screen, just select your TV provider and you will be prompted to enter the same email address and password that you use for your TV providers website.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will remain authenticated for 30 days that means you can use the app anywhere, anytime! After the 30 days are over, you will be asked to log in again while connected to your home Wi-Fi to re-authenticate for additional 30 days.

What iOS devices do you support?

We currently support any iOS device that can run iOS 8 or newer.

What Android devices do you support?

We currently support any Android device that can run 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or newer.

What Kindle devices do you support?

We currently support any Kindle device that can run Fire OS 5.0 or newer.

Why does the mobile app log me out after a certain period of time?

Music Choice does not determine these periodic logouts.  This is decided by the user’s individual TV provider.

Desktop Computer

How do I access the music channels on

There are two ways to access your beloved music channels. You can select a channel from the bottom two rows of scrolling tiles on the homepage. Or, you can point to “Music Channels” in the upper left-hand corner, and then select the channel and start listening!

How do I search for an artist, video, or Shows?

Simply type the name of the artist, video or Shows into the Search box in the upper right, the results will be displayed below. Then, click on the artist name, video, or Original title to play.

Technical Requirements

Browser Requirements

• Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 9+ must be installed on end user’s machine

Does Music Choice accept music submissions?

No. We do not accept unsolicited material.

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