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I selected “reset my pin” but never received an email

You will not receive a “reset pin” email if you haven’t created a Music Choice profile yet. In order to create a profile follow the steps below:

Enter your Music Choice app.
Your screen should now show a CREATE PROFILE page. Please go ahead and fill in your information. For now, leave your TV Rating at TV-MA.
Click NEXT.
Create and enter a PIN number and press NEXT (This is a new number, not something that you’ve been assigned before).
Re-enter the same PIN number (for confirmation) and press NEXT.
At this point, if you upgraded from an existing app it might not ask you to choose your cable provider.
If you do need to enter in your credentials, go ahead and select your cable provider, or choose ALL PROVIDERS and choose from the list.
Enter in your normal cable provider credentials. That should do it!


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