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Webplayer and mobile app: You can log in to and the Music Choice mobile apps using the username and password assigned to you by your TV Provider. First select your TV provider from the list shown, then enter your username and password on the next screen. Once you have successfully logged in, you will remain authenticated for 30 days that means you can use the app anywhere, anytime! After the 30 days are over, you will be asked to log in again while connected to your home Wi-Fi to re-authenticate for additional 30 days. If you do not know your TV Provider credentials, please contact your TV Provider support staff for assistance.

TV: If your cable provider offers the enhanced Music Choice experience on TV, you can access your Music Choice profile with a few simple steps!. On TV: Go to any enhanced Music Choice channel Navigate to “Profiles” (top of the TV interface) and select “Add Profile” Select “Use TV Remote Instead” Select “Add Existing Profile to TV” Sign in using your Music Choice profile information Find out if your TV provider offers the enhanced Music Choice experience on TV by referencing ETV providers here:


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