I subscribed to PLUS but am not getting access to PLUS content on TV

Go to channel 496 and toggle to the Profiles tab at the top of your screen, then re-select your profile or another PLUS-activated profile

If this does not work, your profile may not be PLUS-enabled. To add a profile to your PLUS subscription, follow the following instructions:

  • Go to dashboard.musicchoice.com
  • Sign in to your Music Choice profile
  • Under My Extras, select Music Choice PLUS
  • Select “Add someone to this plan”
  • Click on user you want to add

Note: If you don’t see the Profile you wish to add, return to your device (ex: Music Choice on TV, Music Choice mobile app) and log in with the new Profile. Refresh your PLUS Dashboard to see the Profile appear

If your profile is PLUS-enabled and you are still not getting access:

  • Navigate to “Profiles” at the top of your screen and highlight your profile using your remote
  • Toggle down to the options below your profile and over to “Remove Profile From TV” ( ) DO NOT SELECT DELETE.
  • Confirm by selecting “Yes, Remove Profile”
  • Select “Add Profile” and follow the instructions to re-add your profile


I subscribed to PLUS but am not getting access to PLUS content on Mobile
Add your existing Music Choice profile 🎥
Add or remove profiles to your PLUS subscription 🎥
Can’t remember login details

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