Receiving a “PLUS subscriber exclusive” message

To play a song of your choice, add songs to playlists and more exclusive PLUS benefits, you must be a PLUS subscriber. If you are a PLUS subscriber and are receiving this message, please contact us here. Related How do I subscribe to Music Choice PLUS?  I subscribed to PLUS but am not getting access […]

Receiving a “You’re already listening” alert

PLUS content can only be streamed from one device at a time! If you are receiving this message, your profile is currently in use on another device. If someone else in your household is enjoying Music Choice on a different device, such as on the TV or on their phone, try double-checking what profile they’re […]

I subscribed to PLUS but am not getting access to PLUS content on Mobile

Please log out of your Music Choice profile and close the app. Reopen the app and log back in using your profile credentials. Related I subscribed to PLUS but am not getting access to PLUS content on TV Add your existing Music Choice profile  Add or remove profiles to your PLUS subscription  Can’t remember login […]

I subscribed to PLUS but am not getting access to PLUS content on TV

Go to channel 496 and toggle to the Profiles tab at the top of your screen, then re-select your profile or another PLUS-activated profile If this does not work, your profile may not be PLUS-enabled. To add a profile to your PLUS subscription, follow the following instructions: Go to Sign in to your Music […]

Receiving a “stream from home” message

We are required to verify your home network. In order to do so, PLUS subscribers must stream from their home network every 30 days. To stream PLUS from outside your home network, just access your PLUS profile from Music Choice on TV or via your home wifi on your mobile device. Related Devices Music Choice […]

I want to make a change to my subscription tier during a free trial

You can change your subscription tier at any time by accessing your profile at and selecting PLUS. Please note that if you are in the midst of a free trial period, changing your subscription tier will end your free trial. It will not start another free trial. Related How do I subscribe to Music […]

Is the content on Music Choice PLUS rated?

Music Choice rates all content, including individual songs and music videos, according to the current TV Parental Guidelines. See for more information. Currently, the following music and video channels on the Music Choice service have a TV-MA rating or higher and therefore may contain objectionable content: Rap, Metal, Alternative, Classic Alternative, Adult Alternative. You […]

Is Music Choice PLUS safe for kids?

Yes, you can adjust the maximum content rating for any profile at any time! With Music Choice PLUS Family accounts, you can add Kids profiles to protect your children from unsafe content. You can trust our team of real people with real families to hand-select the music and videos available for our Kids profiles to […]