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Elton John’s Heading On a Farewell Tour and Taking Over Music Choice

elton john farewell tour
Image: David LaChapelle; CXA

Elton John is embarking on the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. It will be Sir Elton’s final jaunt as he’s been hitting the road for over 50 years! In celebration of the legend’s career and his last ‘go round tour Music Choice is having Elton’s tunes takeover a number of channels throughout the farewell’s duration. You’ll hear more Elton on the ’70s, ’80s and Classic Rock music channels, see more videos, get artist-curated Elton playlists, and so much more!

The Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour begins September 15, 2018, in Buffalo, NY and runs to September 19, 2019, in Anaheim, CA. Before you head here to try and score some tickets, take a look below for some fun Elton facts!

  1. Elton John performed with John Lennon at Madison Square Garden on Thanksgiving Day in 1974, Lennon’s final live performance and last public appearance.
  2. Elton John and longtime partner David Furnish were one of the first couples to form a civil partnership in the UK in 2005. They were officially married in 2014.
  3. In 1998 Elton John became Sir Elton John when he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. His contributions to British pop music and AIDS awareness were cited as reasons for the honor.
  4. He charted a Top 40 single every year from 1970 through 1996.
  5. In 1987, Elton underwent exploratory throat surgery while he was ALSO on tour in Australia.
  6. At the age of 11, he was awarded a piano scholarship to the prestigious Royal Academy of Music.
  7. The man can move units. He is the third most successful Billboard Hot 100 artist of all time!
  8.  During the 70s while the two became best buds, Rod Stewart called Elton “Sharon” and Elton called Rod “Phyllis”.

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