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It’s an engrossing effort full of real deal life tales from Sims’s 25 years on this planet. Music Choice had the pleasure of getting Buddy in our studios recently where we broke down his life and career so far plus some good talk about durags and baking.

Up top Buddy also did us the solid by starring in a new episode of Delete or Retweet where we take artists through their old posts and they decide if they want to keep ’em or toss ’em out. Check it out above and then head to here for more Music Choice video awesomeness.

Does having your debut out after a number of years feel like a culmination of things or just the beginning?

I feel like I took a big ol’ sh*t. Overall the years I’ve been consuming all these experiences and I sh***ed it out on my album. Now I’m hungry again and my stomach is empty. I need to experience more and get full so I can take another big booboo.

You’re itching even now to get new music out so fast? Have you been recording?

Touring right now so I don’t have time to record but I’m about to get some equipment to record on the road and I’m bored so I wanna rap.

How do you usually combat being bored on the road?

I start getting high, drunk, start talking to girls. See what they’re talking about, just hitting the field. The field is fun but you don’t make no money out there. You spend more money.

It might be good for Instagram content, not good for you. A couple years ago you were mentioning getting your yoga on, doing some baking. Are you still doing those things?

Well, time is of the essence so before I get on stage I’m stretching. I don’t have a yoga mat. I’m not doing no downward dog or nothing, but I stretch when I can. I haven’t baked in a while because I’m traveling. We doing Christmas at my house this year so I’m gonna bake some stuff for my family.

Do you have a go to?

I usually do pies. I make a sour cherry pie or an apple pie.

What’s your favorite pie to eat?

I like sweet potato pie. My sister is about to teach me how to make that one.

California locations are so central to your music, do you go looking for those places to inspire you or does it happen naturally?

No, those places find me. I let everyone know where I am, while I’m doing stuff I’m doing.

You’ve said before you enjoy honesty in music. Do you feel the same with your music, is this Buddy at your most honest?

Heck yeah. My latest album I created it with a bunch of real n—-s so I had no wiggle room to lie. They’d call me out. When did that happen? Who? All the stuff I talk on my album is factual.

Are you ever inspired to rap or write in a fictional narrative? Could that still ring as honest to you?

Yeah but, that’s why I need to make more songs! I ain’t made those songs yet. The songs on my album is like all about me. I wanna make more songs and try different ways to tell stories. It’s a matter of doing it.

Tell me about “shaking off demons”.

Oh, I still shake them when I can.

How are you doing that these days?

Uh, exercise ya know. When we get to the city with a hotel. I hit the treadmill. 10, 15 minutes. Pump some iron. Shake some demons. Perspire a little bit.

What are the demons?

Well, we drink a lot… sweat out the toxins. We eat bad sometimes. Sometimes you have to eat junk and McDonald’s. We have to shake all that off. We drinking tea. We taking big sh*ts. Get that bad stuff out and put good stuff in.

You started a book club last year?

No real kids pulled up to a book reading. I guess I’m not as organized as I thought I was. I made an Instagram post and drew a logo and bought a book and posted it. So, it was an online book club. I didn’t do any handshakes or make assignments. It was going to be for kids my age.

I was in Santa Monica at the time and everything there makes you feel great. Where I grew up I’m so used to not feeling as great. You went outside and the beach wasn’t right there. You gotta drive 20-30 minutes to the beach. But there in Santa Monica, I could go across the street and be at the beach. Just read this book and sit right here for a minute. It was cool .

You’ve done some acting in your past, is that something you would like to get back into?

I never really stopped. I go on auditions to this day. I don’t have time to take classes but I need to put some wd-40 on my acting skills because I’m a little rusty ya know. I’m trying to give it my all. I’m focused on my album now.

Is there an actor or someone that you might compare yourself to or your skill set, career trajectory?

No. I don’t know what I can do yet. I’m just down. I wanna do it.

“Trippin’” has a Grateful Dead reference in there. Are you a Dead Head at all?

Nah. I listen to, I got big homies. My homie Rufio, TV on the Radio drummer. He helped with the album and I would go to his house while we were recording every day and he has a bunch of records. We would smoke weed and go digging in the crates. He’d put me on to so many types of music. I shouted him out on a song “trippin’ on acid with Rufio” cuz, well, we’re drug buddies.

You went viral with your glowing durag. Where’d you snag that?

I got that from the homie. It’s 3M. It’s reflective. I got that from an anonymous plug. She works with Guap Dad 4000. He’s a connoisseur of durags. I’ve been trying to get one from him forever. Right before I went to do Jimmy Fallon he was finally like, ok I’ll connect you with my manufacturer.



She got me the green Velveeta that I wore on Fallon and I gave him one. Then she came through with the 3M one and I was like I ain’t ever seen no sh*t like this. So I tied it on and it really helped me ascend to the next level.

Have you seen people trying to copy you?

People want it. Some others had the idea but I don’t think it’s as good. Some motherf***ers take my picture trying to say I stole it from them. I don’t even entertain those lies. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1543269474731{padding-top: 15px !important;}”]

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