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Alessia Cara Gets Gullible in a New ‘Delete or Retweet’

Alessia Cara thinks something fishy is going on with the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese.  The Grammy-winning pop singer broke down the recycled-za rumor as she explained to Music Choice that she will believe basically any conspiracy theory. We got on the topic with Alessia when she came through the MC studios to participate in the latest episode of Delete or Retweet.  We presented her with tweets going back years to ones from just a few months ago to see if she still agreed with her sentiments. This is a lady who stands by her words!  Whether it’s Rihanna’s looks, things in retrograde, or how gullible she is, there is no holding back for Alessia Cara. Check out the video above and head here for more Music Choice video awesomeness!

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