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5 Seconds of Summer Has A Message For the Fans

Luke Hemmings might be the singer for pop music globetrotters 5 Seconds of Summer but right now he’s missing the simple things in life. “I’d really like to be able to go grab a cup of coffee,” Hemmings told Music Choice recently as he checked in from quarantine. Besides longing for the warm confines of his local java house, Hemmings went deep with our very own Marcella Yazhbin about the band’s 2020 album Calm.

Hemmings dished a little dirt about how the band stepped outside their comfort zone with decisions on this album ranging from sequencing to sonics to production. He even let us know about the fun that went down behind the scenes of the “Old Me” video shoot!

Finishing the video Hemmings speaks directly to the 5 Seconds of Summer fans with a heartfelt shoutout. Check it all out below and head to the Music Choice webplayer for more sweet 5 Seconds of Summer content!

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